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Therafirm Sheer Gradient Compression Hosiery Thigh Length Open Toe 20-30 mmHg

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Designed to help energize tired legs and feet, improves circulation and assists in the prevention of swelling

True gradient compression delivers a controlled amount of pressure greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the top of the stocking to promote better blood flow.

Cool, soft, and comfortable

Soft comfort band is non-restrictive while staying in place all day

Open toe style

Micro-Cool® process creates a wicking effect so moisture evaporates from the skin quickly, therefore providing a comfortable coolness



Size Length Thigh Calf Ankle Shoe
Small 23"-26" (58-66cm) 15'-18" (38-46cm) 11'-13.5' (28-34cm) 6'25"- 7.25" (16-18 cm) 4-5
Medium 25 -29" (164-14cm) 17"-20" (43-51cm) i3'-15.5" (33-39cm) 7.5"-9' (19-23cm) 5.5-7.5
Large 28,'r32" (71-81cm) 19"-21 " (48-53cm) 15',-17.5', (38-44cm) 9.25"10.75" {23-27cm) 8-10.5
X-Large 30,,-35,',(76-89cm 20',-23- (51*58cm) i7.75"-18.5" (45-47cm 11'-11.5" (28-29cm) 11+