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Therafirm Sheer Gradient Compression Stockings Knee Length Moderate Support 20-30 mmHg

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The Therafirm® line features comfortable, fashionable styles & colors so you can look good AND feel good all day long.

Therafirm® products are soft, cool and comfortable for all day wear. Products feature soft comfort bands on the knee high stockings and trouser socks, soft waistbands on the pantyhose and  expandable, belly supporting tops on the maternity pantyhose.


Size Length Calf Ankle Shoe
Small  12.-18" {31-46cm} 11 '-1 3.5' {28-34cm} 6.25"-7.25'{16-18cm}   4-5
Medium  i3"-'19" (33-48cm) 1 3'--1 5.5' (33-39cm) 7.5"-9" {19 -22 cm} 5.5-7.5
Large  i4"-20" (3&-51cm) 15'-17.5" (38-44cm) 9.25'-10.75' {24-27cm} 8-10.5
X-Large 15"-22" {38-56crn) i7.75"-18.5' {45-47cm) 11"-11.5" {28-29cm)  11-12.0
XX-Large  15"-22"(38-56cm) 18'-19.5'{46-50cm} 11.75'-12.15' (30-32cm)  12+