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Smart Feet Orthotic Insoles Green Every Day Comfort

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Comfortable and supportive arch supports for most footwear that has a removable footbed.

Arch Support Insoles are off the shelf orthotics designed to make your feet feel comfortable, manage ground forces and help to properly align your body.

Best for most foot types, mild pronators, mild suppinators, low/medium arches, medium/high arches.

Features and Benefits:

  • No hard plastic shell to cause discomfort.
  • Eva shell provides stability with more cushion and shock absorption.
  • Keeps your body weight and the forces upon your feet equally distributed to avoid excess pressure to the parts up the chain, including ankles, knees, hips and spine.
  • Contoured to fit the foot around around the heel and arch areas to achieve maximum foot contact.
  • Rear foot wedge provides support and control to help prevent excess motion.
  • Designed to work with supportive footwear to allow all day activity.
  • May need a short break-in period lasting up to a week.
  • Can be trimmed in forefoot if necessary.
  • Compares very favorably to Vionic Athletic Full Length Orthotics and Superfeet Premium Insoles Green


XS (Mens 3.5-5, Womens 4.5-6), S (Mens 5.5-7, Womens 6.5-8), M (Mens 7.5-9 Womens 8.5-10), L (Mens 9.5-11 Womens 10.5-12), XL (Mens 12-14),



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