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Smart Feet Full Length Orthotics Athletic

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Smart Feet Full Length Orthotic Arch Supports- Best Running Orthotics

Feel the energy! Unlike the sports gel arch support that bottoms out causing a "flat tire" feeling and tired legs or the plastic arch support that causes shock underfoot, the Smart Feet Orthotic delivers exceptional shock absorption and dynamic energy return. The result is more invigorating activity and less "wear and tear" on the body.This product is the best arch supports for your athletic shoes when you doing any kind of walking, running, jumping, or other aerobic activity. 

Arch Supports are off the shelf orthotics designed to make your feet feel comfortable, manage ground forces and help to properly align your body.

It's easy to understand how important it is to ensure that your body weight and the forces upon your feet are equally distributed to avoid excess pressure to the parts up the chain, including ankles, knees, hips and spine.

  • Smart Feet Orthotics give quick pain relief in the arch, heel and metatarsals.
  • Smart Feet Orthotics are crafted with a small metatarsal pad to relieve "ball of the foot" pressure.
  • Smart Feet Orthotics are excellent for walking, running, and aerobic activities.
  • Best worn in a "neutral shoe"
  • Best for Med to High Arches (Non weight bearing).


M4/W5 = Men's size 4 or Women's size  5 etc. (womens sizes are 1 size larger than mens)


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