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Xelero New Matrix II Leather Black-Womens

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Xelero's original athletic model retooled with a fresh new styling! If you have worn the Xelero Matrix in the past, you will love this new update.

Xelero's patented midsole rocker construction provides the ultimate in motion control and stability.


Xelero Helps:

  • Improve posture.
  • Strengthen calf, hamstring, and gluteus muscles. 
  • Reduce overuse symptoms and shin splints.
  • Stretch plantar fascia for reduced pain and inflammation. 
  • Provide the ultimate stable platform for a running or walking shoe.

All of this with no loss of balance that occurs with other rocker type shoes.

Very good for arthritic feet and pain in the forefoot.

This shoe is the Pedorthists secret weapon !

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