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InStride Newport Men's Comfort Therapeutic Extra Depth Walking Shoe leather Velcro

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  • Leather
  • InStride Shoes was founded to provide comfortable, well fitting shoes for walking and leisure activities that provide significant relief for people with foot problems ranging from bunions, hammertoes and corns, to more significant diabetes related problems.
  • Developed in conjunction with Podiatrists, Pedorthists, and other medical and shoe construction specialists, InStride shoes provide both a protective function as well as relief from regular footwear due to their ability to provide a more precise and comfortable fit.
  • InStride Shoes feature the CFS - Custom Fit System - made with a series of removable insoles that provide the extra depth that allow InStride to fit even the most difficult feet with comfort beyond compare. InStride shoes are made with high quality full-grain leather, with Nubuc and Lycra style available with lace or strap closures.
  • When combined with non-irritating seamless linings, slip-resistant outsoles, the latest in shock absorbing and cushioning technology, InStride shoes assure the best possible combination of high quality construction and good looking, contemporary styling for everyone.
  • Certified Slip resistance test results: 0.85 dry quarry tile, 0.61 wet quarry tile and 0.25 greasy/wet quarry tile
  • Sizes: 8-14 - Widths: D, 2E, 4E - Shoe Cover: Soft Leather.

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