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Arch+ Orthotics Full Length - Men/Women

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Professional Full Length Orthotics

Arch+ Orthotics are the perfect blend of cushion and support, not too "hard" and not "bottom out" soft.

Arch+ Orthotics give quick pain relief in the arch, heel and metatarsals.

Arch+ Orthotics are made up of six layers to ensure comfort.

  • Layer 1: Luxury Suede topcover soft and non shearing, minimizes callusing on the foot.
  • Layer 2: 5 mm quick response PPT for cushioning.
  • Layer 3: Flex polypropylene shell with deep heel cup provides stability and     proper foot alignment.
  • Layer 4: Embedded heel pad reduces heel pressure while maintaining total foot contact.
  • Layer 5: Metatarsal pad reduces forefoot pressures and redistributes weight across the forefoot.
  • Layer 6: Semi-Rigid EVA base absorbs shock while providing durability.

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