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Smart Feet Flat Feet Medical Grade Orthotics

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It's easy to say that someone has "flat feet" but a "flat foot" is a pronated foot during ambulation. The arch collapses, leaving the foot void of proper structure. This pronated foot often develops heel pain.  Over 90% of heel pain patients have hallux limitus. Supporting the arch and decompressing the toe joint solves almost all foot pain and deformities. Your feet need good structure (posture) and function to stay healthy. Smart Feet "Flat Feet Orthotics" are Professional Grade Prefabricated Orthotics that are  designed to give feet back their missing structure and to prevent any future loss of structure.

Built and tested in one of the nations largest gait labs.

  • This is the first truly evidence based orthotic.
  • Slim-line design.
  • Testing and development was done with thousands of in-shoe pressure sensors mapping the foot while in motion.
  • Smart Feet Medical Grade Orthotics are meant to fit in casual shoes and provide excellent support for walking and most casual activities.
  • Very Versatile, fits in most shoe types
  • Best for Low to Med Arches (Non weight bearing).


M4/W5 = Men's size 4 or Women's size  5 etc. (womens sizes are 1 size larger than mens)


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