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Xelero Matrix vs. Genesis


What's the Difference between a Matrix and a Genesis?

It reminds me of an old joke my father used to tell, but I'll get to that later.
I get this question from customers and patients a lot, I mean, a real lot. That's why I decided to make this question our first ever blog post.
When it comes to Xelero "athletic" shoes (including hikers) there are basically two kinds. Those built on the "Genesis bottom" and those built on the "Matrix bottom". It doesn't matter if the upper part of the shoe is Leather or Mesh.

There are definite differences in the 2 models both in fit and the way they feel.

The Matrix: The rocker on the bottom is "sandwiched" between the sole of the shoe and the footbed. This offloads more pressure on the heel
and forefoot using a more pronounced "fulcrum" if you will. For folks with medical, especially forefoot, issues this seems to feel better than the Genesis.

The Genesis utilises the same principles as the Matrix but the rocker is more incorporated into the sole and not a midlayer. It is therefore a more
streamlined shoe and looks more contemporary. Folks that do not have severe medical issues seem to favor this shoe more because of the look.

The Matrix has more volume inside the forefoot. The rounder shape is the main reason for this.The volume is only slightly wider at the "ball of the foot". The Genesis shape is slightly more pointed and continues to taper to the end of the shoe. Some folks have found that they need to wear a wider width Genesis than Matrix when switching styles.

Now dad's joke went something like this:
dad:"What's the difference between a submarine and a matta?
me: "What's a matta?"
dad:"Nothing. What's amatta with you?"

Bad jokes, great guy!

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Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Peter Kerr
Smart Feet Medford

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